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Former President of Ireland Receives Honorary Membership

Terence R B Donahoe, QC. LLD, then-President of the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, presented an honorary membership in our Society to Dr Mary Robinson, the first woman president of Ireland, on June 5th 2003, at Saint Mary’s University, which conferred an Honorary Doctor of Civil Laws degree on her.Mr Donahoe remarked how there has been a longstanding relationship between our Society and the university, and how a close working relationship between the two has strengthened and sustained Irish culture and heritage in our area. He cited a number of the many contributions that the Irish have made in the fields of law, politics, religion, education, science and the arts, especially in this region.

Dr Robinson has received many awards and recognitions for her commitment to public service. She has been Honorary President of Oxfam International and Mr Donahoe paid tribute to her efforts with Oxfam by making, on behalf of our Society, a financial contribution in her name to Oxfam.

Dr Robinson expressed her thanks to the Charitable Irish Society for the honorary membership and the donation to Oxfam. She congratulated the Society for being at the forefront of promoting and sustaining the “Irish fact” in Halifax.

Visiting Committee

The Executive of the Charitable Irish Society wishes to extend an invitation to all members who might be interested in serving on the Sick and Visiting Committee. This committee, composed of two to three Society members, maintains a connection between the Society and those members who become ill or hospitalized, and with the families of deceased members. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please let us  know.

Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University acknowledges that in its early years, it was the strong support that it received from the Irish Community, and the Charitable Irish Society, that helped foster its early growth and development. That relationship between Saint Mary’s University and the Irish, continues today through the D’Arcy McGee Chair of Irish Studies, and also through the efforts of many of their Alumni who are very active in the affairs of the Society. Saint Mary’s Alumni who have Irish roots are most welcome to join the Society, and a special invitation is extended to them to become members.


Ireland’s former Ambassador to Canada, Declan Kelly, during a visit to Halifax, viewed the Charitable Irish Society’s Celtic Cross Memorial with Mayor Peter Kelly and members of HRM municipal council.

From left to right: Ms. Dawn Sloan, HRM Councilor, District 12; Councilor Patrick Murphy, HRM Councilor, District 11; Mr. Declan Kelly, former Ambassador of Ireland in Canada; Mr. Peter Kelly, Mayor, HRM; Mr. Bob Harvey, HRM Councilor, District 20.