Charitable Irish Society Celebration of 225 Years of Irish Culture and Heritage in Halifax at Archives

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Halifax (January 13, 2011) – On January 17, 1786 a small group of individuals met at the Golden Ball Inn of Halifax, to draw up the first Articles of the Association known as The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax. A month later the first meeting was held to elect a slate of officers.M embers of the society will once again meet on a January 17, but this time to “kick-off” a year-long 225th anniversary celebration of Irish culture and heritage in Halifax. The meeting was hosted at Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management (NSARM) where a new virtual exhibit titled The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax was launched. NSARM is located on University Avenue.

The virtual exhibit draws from minute-books, petitions and letters, photographs, print material and memorabilia to showcase the Society’s activities and interests across its history. Nearly 100 items are featured and include photographs of parades and a gallery of presidents from over the years. Two background articles provide additional information on the long life of the institution.

Jim Connolly, President of the Society said, “ We are excited about this special anniversary celebration and being part of NSARM’s special effort to show how much we have been part of Halifax’s history.”

The evening started with a demonstration of the virtual exhibit followed by the Society’s quarterly meeting and reception. The general public was invited.

“We are planning a number events and activities throughout the year, most happening on the 17th of the month,” explained Mr. Connolly. “On February 17th to celebrate the first official meeting of the Society, we have scheduled a gathering at the Old Triangle the former home of the Novascotian newspaper. Its founder Joe Howe was a past president of our organization.”

Other activities included the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade, the Festival of Saint Patrick Dinner on March 17th, banners on the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, a special flower bed in The Public Gardens, concerts and the list goes on.

You can visit The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax virtual exhibit online at

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