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On the 17th of January 1786, a number of  natives of the Kingdom of Ireland, inhabitants of Halifax, in the Province of Nova Scotia (sensibly feeling the obligation which they owed to society, and zealously wishing to promote and encourage friendship and goodwill amongst men) held a meeting at the house of Mr. John O’Brien in Halifax and signed Articles of Association for the purpose of relieving the wants and misfortunes of their countrymen, which association was styled The Charitable Irish Society.

The first regular meeting of the Society was held on the 17th of February 1786. A constitution was adopted and officers elected.

The name of the Society bespeaks its purpose it is Charitable and it is Irish.

The 1786 constitution of the Society emphasized the importance of encouraging, through a society of persons with something in common, assistance to persons in the community entitled to compassion and relief.

The original members wished by their association to promote friendship and goodwill, and this commitment by its members is equally valid today.