Irish Settlers’ Memorial

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax erected this Irish Settlers’ Memorial as a millennium project dedicated “to the original Irish Settlers of 1749 and to the contributions of the Irish community to Halifax, to Nova Scotia and to Canada.” The memorial was officially unveiled on March 17, 2000.

The Celtic Cross stands 12 feet high and is made of polished granite. The dedication inscribed is written in English and in Irish. In 2004, the area where the Cross stands was designated by the City as St. Patrick’s Green.

The Centenary Mosaic recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Uprising was unveiled at the base of the Celtic Cross on April 25, 2016. It is best described as an “Easter Lily”, the Irish symbol of Insurrection and Remembrance. The colours of the Lily are those of the tricolour, surrounded in gold. The dates are depicted in red to portray the “fury and destruction” from which arose “A Terrible Beauty,” and longevity since. Lastly the knot work in the four corners symbolize the Four Green Fields of Ireland.

The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, which now boasts of more than 400 members, was established in 1786 and emphasized the importance of encouraging, through a society of persons with something in common, assistance to members of the community entitled to “compassion and relief.” The original members wished by their association “to promote friendship and goodwill,” and this commitment by its members is equally valid today.